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    Ok so.... i'm kinda just making this up as I go along, so bare with me:)

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    User Personality: Weapons: Team
    Mysims AMAZING FRIEND AWESOME PERSON Sharp Butt Cones Butt Cones
    Lauren Erm...Hyper? xD Bacon Nugget Fireballs Bacon Nuggets
    Queen Aria Weird......xD Bow and Arrows, Sharp buttcones with pointy metal ends, poisionous baconnuggets. Butt Cones
    Jsm3athome Awesome, slightly hyper. Leaves bacon nuggets with nightlock in them, Pie Snares (Pie is used as bait) Bacon Nuggets

    Butt Cones
    Cazz Kind, Cheerful Bacon Nuggets throwing mace, instead of spikes, it is bacon nuggets :3 Bacon Nuggets

    Butt Cones


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