Privacy PolicyEdit

All BCBN users are given a wide variety of things to do freely with no rules. This may be great, but some users use this to their advantage. Please be considerate of others. The following are mandatory rules to follow on this wikia.

Chat and Wiki RulesEdit

The rulesEdit

Although you may say what you wish, you can have fun, play, use whatever words you like, still, we will have rules to be enforced by all Admins and Chat Moderators.

1. Do not insult other users in a meaningful way. (Again- we're not very strict, but you need to show a way that you are joking such as- xD, lol, jk, etc.)

2. Do not spam if it bothers more than 1 person. (You can still Private Message it to those who don't mind.)

3. Don't rage if something bothers you. (Simply approach it in a calm way, arguments aren't neccesary.)

4. If you do choose to fight- do it in Private Message. (Nobody likes to hear crap. You will be warned 2 times until banned.)

5. Do not threaten others seriously. (You can joke and stuff, but if you mean it you will be banned for one week.)

6. Don't be stingy or boring. (This wiki is for playing around and having fun! Don't be the person to ruin it.)

7. No sexual references. (It's just inappropriate.)

8. Respect religion. (Don't be racist)

9. Cussing is admitted, but no "GD" and you know what it means. (This reverts back to religious rights.)

The offense punishmentsEdit

1. The first time- Warning.

2. The second time- 1 day ban.

3. The third time- 3 day ban.

4. the fourth time- Banned forever. (In certain offenses.)

And that's pretty much it.

Repect others though, please?

K thanks.:3