• Aria Camelliston


    I am not even about to copy and paste.

    So all yall BCBNs read her blog nao. :3

    [Makenna Rae: A Hunger Games Story]

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  • ~PopTart~

    Creation of Panem

    July 1, 2012 by ~PopTart~

    Name Home Gender Age Appearance
    Hazel Clark San Antonio Female 16 Tan skin, Brown hair in ponytail, Green eyes
    Taylor Cox Las Vegas Male 17 Tall, Pale skin, Black hair, Hazel eyes
    Bay Campbell New York City Female 10 Short, Skinny, Glasses, Tan skin, Brown eyes, Blond hair
    Rainer Southstone Detriot Male 13 Long red hair, Pale skin, Tall, Blue eyes
    Garrett Moss Tampa Male 15 Tan skin, Blond hair, Blue eyes
    Adrienne Smith London Female 14 Long dirty blond hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin
    Sasha Bogdanov St. Petersburg Male 14 Pale skin, Coffee brown hair, Blue eyes, Freckles
    Nazli Abbasi Tehran Female 16 Tan skin, Green eyes, Black hair
    Bambang Guntur Jakarta Male 13 Dark skin, Short black hair, Brown eyes
    Alvaro Herrera Guatemala City Male 12

    Tan skin, Black…

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  • Katelyn.danita

    Because a few assholes ruined it for everyone.

    Trolls came on chat. Even blocked, with message walls you can still type on them. They say innaproriate things against our policy. So we need to end it.

    Vandalising others' pages and writing things only because they still can.

    The rules say to ban them, as I am in the process of.

    Sorry guys.

    It should be back soon!

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  • GlimmerandSparkle

    Ok so.... i'm kinda just making this up as I go along, so bare with me:)

    Sign up!

    Please fill out this form in the comments...

    Username(Or what people call you. I don't care):



    Butt Cones or Bacon Nuggets?:

    User Personality: Weapons: Team
    Mysims AMAZING FRIEND AWESOME PERSON Sharp Butt Cones Butt Cones
    Lauren Erm...Hyper? xD Bacon Nugget Fireballs Bacon Nuggets
    Queen Aria Weird......xD Bow and Arrows, Sharp buttcones with pointy metal ends, poisionous baconnuggets. Butt Cones
    Jsm3athome Awesome, slightly hyper. Leaves bacon nuggets with nightlock in them, Pie Snares (Pie is used as bait) Bacon Nuggets

    Butt Cones
    Cazz Kind, Cheerful Bacon Nuggets throwing mace, instead of spikes, it is bacon nuggets :3 Bacon Nuggets

    Butt Cones


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  • Pendillumna

    KSI was spamming to... AND CURSING, none of you should have been banned.

    He is a snitch and an enemy to the Buttconebaconnuggets.

    I like to call his people Rearsphereporktenders

    So... rage in the comments

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