The trouble We Get Into. 

Well. There is the famous chat ban for one week we all got for spamming and arguing from the evil KSI. T_T. The one that created this page. The one that created- ButtconeBaconNuggets. <3

But sadly we have no screenshot.

It was too damn long. xD

The time Lauren and Katelyn (Rue_district11 and Katelyn.danita) got banned for trolling on 5 different Wiki's ( The Hunger Games Wiki, Halo Wiki,Glee wiki, COD Wiki and can't remember the other one). It was for one day. xD

The one that started from that girl being mean to Katelyn, so she said stuff back to her after getting pissed enough. The 11-year-old screenshot it and sent it to a chat mod. The mod didn't like her, so he spammed it to everyone. And she got banned for 'bullying' even though only Lauren knows exactly what she said because she wishes she would have screenshot it like she though to.. but she doesn't like to be a snitch.

When Glimmer (GlimmerandSparkle ) got banned from the whole THG wiki simply for the fact that she's not suppossed to have a wiki account, because she's an 'underage user'. She is banned for about 5 months.